Welcome to Fort Worth Math Circle

The Fort Worth Math Circle is a monthly meeting for middle school students in Fort Worth and the surrounding cities.  For more information about specific meetings, please see the “Recent Posts” at the side or bottom of this screen.

When and where does the Fort Worth Math Circle meet?

The Fort Worth Math Circle meets the first Saturday morning of most months during the academic year, on campus at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth.  On this site you can find a blog post containing the specific details of each FWMC meeting.  You can also click “FOLLOW” to get emails about upcoming meetings as they are posted!

What is a Math Circle?

A Math Circle is a community organization that allows students and leaders to meet in an informal setting to explore an interesting mathematical topic.  The meetings are not sit-down lectures – they are highly interactive, driven by student questions and discoveries, and focused on problem-solving strategies.

Who can attend a FWMC meeting?

The FWMC is open to all middle-school-level students (grades 5-8 or approximately ages 11-15) in or around DFW.

What is the cost to attend a FWMC meeting?

FWMC is free to students.  We do ask, however, that you register your student in advance so we can anticipate the number of attendees at each meeting.

What other resources are available?

For a high-school level math circle, check out the Mid Cities Math Circle:  https://midcitiesmathcircle.org/

For a math teachers’ circle, check out the UTD Teachers’ Circle.

For math circles in other areas, check out the National Association of Math Circles:  http://www.mathcircles.org/